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January 9, 2013
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Scooby Doo - Eskimo kisses by W-i-s-s-l-e-r Scooby Doo - Eskimo kisses by W-i-s-s-l-e-r
I ain't gonna lie, I ship Shaggy and Velma

I'm not great with beard so I wasn't really expecting it to turn out well, I'll just practice on that more then

Ohter than that I am really happy with the result and hope you enjoy it~
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Let me start by saying that this piece is ADORABLE. (but more of my gushing in the comments)
It looks very nice, the lineart is clean, and the colors are well shaded.
The only problem that I see, Is in fact the glasses.
They seem to be bent back too far, but the glass on them is perfection~
You do very well drawing profile views. The hands are properly shaped, no weird fingers and the anatomy is very well done as well.
I also like that the lighting appears to be coming from behind them.
Overall, this is quite a dazzling piece! Keep up the good work!
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I feel as though I gave you too many five stars... :dummy:

I thought this was brilliant when I saw it, and I couldn't spot too many issues. However, the glasses are pretty weird, since they're pulled back and look kind of awkward... Otherwise, I love this so much.

The beard looks a little weird, but if I recall you did state you weren't use to drawing them. So you get a freebie on that C; so get better on that. A suggestion is that you draw the jawline in the sketch and then follow that. That's how I draw beards at least, even zeh small ones!

Otherwise this was fantastic. The shading and use of gradients... just magnificent!
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aw so cute. love it.
JO-Bac Jan 10, 2013  Hobbyist Filmographer
If only the new series could've understand this better.

Anyway, Awesome work. The only thing I'd recommend is thinning out Shag's eyelashes, they seem a bit.....bushy. Other then that, your style seems to be on the professional level.
I haven't seen the newer series though XD (I don't watch tv anymore and stuff)

Oh yeah I get what you mean XD I'll deffinately think about that next time c:
Thank you so much~ <3
JO-Bac Jan 18, 2013  Hobbyist Filmographer
Oh, I see. I could tell you about the Mystery Incorporated series, but I'd go on forever on how poorly written it is. So in short, Shaggy and Velma dated each other in the first few episodes, then broke up.

No problem. Hey, you might wanna add Velma's freckles in while your at it.
skidlaksm omg this is so cute ;w;
That's one of the most adorable things I've ever seen >w< I've never been too into Scooby Doo, so I haven't been part of the fandom, but if I were this seems like something I'd ship. As a kid, they were my favorite characters :3
Thank you~ <3
You're welcome~~

You did a great job making the anatomy look natural.
Thank you :la:
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